Charles Lindbergh's Grave
Kipahulu, Maui, Hawaii

Charles Lindbergh's Grave Prior to Feb. 26, 2000

On February 26, 2000, the twelve fence poles and swag chain were removed from Charles Lindbergh's grave, at the Palapalo Ho'omau Church Cemetery. The fence was eliminated to allow visitors to read the inscription on his granite marker without stepping over the chain. Rather than just disposing of this deteriorating-historical fence, it was given to the Pukalani Palace on Maui for respectful use in our wall. William Sythes and Andrew Raymond, with the help of Shirley Jones at Shir-Weld, restored the metal poles.

Charles Lindbergh's Grave at Palapalo Ho'omau Church Cemetery Prior to Feb. 26, 2000

Male Fu Dog Protecting the Pukalani Palace with Fence from Charles Lindbergh's Grave 8/3/2004

Bill Sythes "Andy, Put that Camera Away and Mix Some Mortar Before We Run Out." 8/3/2004

View from Neighbor's Yard of Front Wall at the Pukalani Palace - Notice Female Fu Dog on Wall.

Bill's Thinking "If I didn't Spend Yesterday Repairing the Imer Cement Mixer, I Would Be at the Beach"

Bill Sythes Putting Cigarette Butts in the Wall to Make Future Archaeologist Happy. 8/3/2004


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